Fees and Payments

BEST is able to offer our partner institutions a high-quality program at relatively low cost. The tuition for the five week program is only EURO 1,500 and may be waived for students from our partner institutions. The costs for application & administration amount to EURO 100, and there is a campus fee of EURO 80. In addition to tuition and fees BEST will charge EURO 1,270 for housing and breakfast, EURO 100 for health insurance (non-EU students), EURO 190 for public transportation (in the whole region of NRW!), EURO 50 for course material, EURO 180 for sightseeing excursions, company visits and special events, and EURO 430 for the four-day excursion to Berlin. Therefore, the estimated total expenses for the program come to EURO 3,900.

Expenses in EURO (€) for     
BEST Orientation 
and Courses
Regular Price
BEST Orientation
and Courses with
Tuition Waiver
Tuition 1,500  -
Application & Administration 100 100
Campus Fees 80 80
Hotel (incl. breakfast) 1,270 1,270
Health Insurance 100 100
Local Transportation 190 190
Course Material 50 50
Field Trips, Company Visits 180 180
Berlin Excursion 430 430
Total 3,900 2,400

Prospective BEST students from our partner colleges and universities may not be charged for the tuition, according to existing cooperation agreements. MSM welcomes arrangements with our partner institutions providing tuition waivers for business and economic students from Duisburg in exchange for their students participating in the BEST program. However, except for tuition, these students must cover all other program costs. Requests for tuition waivers should be directed to the BEST office.