Module: Business Administration in Europe (3 Credits, 36 hrs)


BEST Course: Governance and Auditing in Europe (12 hrs)

  • Corporate Governance Structure
  • Governance Mechanisms
  • Corporate Strategies
  • Management Strategies

BEST Course: Marketing Strategies in Europe (12 hrs)

  • Introduction to International Marketing
  • Market Selection and Entry Strategies in International Marketing
  • Coordination Problems and Dynamics of Country Markets
  • Coordination in Both Converging and Diverging Markets

BEST Course: Banking and Corporate Finance in Europe (12 hrs)

  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Profitability and Risk Controlling
  • Management of Interest Rate Risk
  • Economic Capital Requirements
  • Return on Equity Management (ROE)

Module: European Managerial Economics (3 Credits, 36 hrs)

BEST Course: Comparative Managerial Behavior in Europe (12 hrs)

  • Decision Making on Individual and Group Level
  • Decision Making on Organizational Level
  • Negotiation and Cross-cultural Communication
  • Case Study

BEST Course: European Economic Integration (12 hrs)

  • European Integration Process
  • Organization of European Union
  • Development in Different Policy Areas
  • Evaluation of Possible Future Chances

BEST Course: European Currency Union and Financial Markets (12 hrs)

  • Development of the European Monetary Union and the Euro Crisis
  • Theory of Exchange Rate Regimes and Optimum Currency Area
  • Analysis of Consequences for Private and Public Sector
  • Comparison between Expectations (before 1999) and Current Situation

Module: German Language (3 Credits, 36 hrs)

BEST Course: Reading and Writing (12 hrs)

BEST Course: Compherension (12 hrs)

BEST Course: Conversation (12 hrs)