Social and Economics Sciences International Program (SESIP)


At Mercator School of Management, the majority of lectures is taught in German and therefore unsuitable for most visiting international students. However, Mercator is constantly endeavored to expand its course offering for students who are not fluent in German. The Social and Economic Sciences International Program (SESIP) includes a variety of lectures and seminars taught in English language. The program is open to all exchange students visiting Duisburg campus as guests of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Mercator School of Management or the Institute of East Asian Studies. By connecting social and political sciences with regular business courses, SESIP offers our international students a wider range of modules to choose from.

Other lectures in English may be offered to our visiting students upon request. Additionally, a broad selection of different language courses will be available to our international guests. In Winter 2019/2020 SESIP covers the following modules: Courses.